It was three months ago today that I told him to get his shit and get out of my house. Three months ago that I felt that scalding pain spread over my body and set up camp for the month that followed. When the grief had not vacated after three weeks, I was certain it […]


I had a dream about you last night. There were many parts to the dream, most of them quite blurry and difficult for me to recall.  But at one point in the dream we walked side by side; your right arm was across my shoulders and my left arm was around your waist.  “Have I […]


“I want you to remember,” she whispered in the dark. “What do you want me to remember?” it returned. “Remember ME!” she pleaded, terrified she had already been forgotten, then angry at the recognition that it still mattered to her at all. “All light looks the same to me. It just casts different shadows, and […]


He desperately wanted to hurt her. Not because she deserved it; if anything, the exact opposite was closer to the truth. But it was because he knew she deserved better than what he was willing to give. So instead of being better, he tried to convince her that he was the best she was ever […]


“Why are you still here?” “What do you mean ‘still’? I was gone for a while.” “I know. Why didn’t you stay there?” *shrugs* “I didn’t want you to forget about me.” “You know that’s cruel, right?” “Yes.” “And you don’t care?” “No.”

Our own little worlds

Life doesn’t pick and choose individually the people it wants to fuck over. Life. Just. Happens. There is no personal vendetta against you by the universe. You are too insignificant. You control what you can, and you deal with the consequences of what you cannot. When you feel like the whole world is against you, […]

Tangled Christmas Lights

I’ve been wanting to write; the need is there, but the content has been hiding. Actually, that’s not true, as my mind is a never-ending swirl of thoughts competing for space at the forefront. The problem isn’t a lack of subjects I want to write about about. Instead it’s an overwhelming abundance of them that […]

The Purpose of Emotions

“Why are you even here?!” I asked Doubt, angrily. “What have you ever done for me besides make me hate myself?” “I made you strive for Confidence,” Doubt replied. “And you, Anger, what about you? What have YOU ever done for me besides steal precious time?” Anger replied, truthfully, “I made you appreciate Peace.” I […]