Like a racehorse

I drink four of these glasses of water a day. I drink more liquids than that, but I drink the 4 glasses of water in the 8 hour period that I’m working. It’s over 100 ounces of water.

Y’all, I am so tired of pissing all day long. It is constant. I’m talking 2-3 times every hour. And urgent! And as my friend, Danielle, once told me in order to break an awkward silence between us in a restaurant bathroom, I have a very powerful stream.

I mean, is this normal?? I really don’t know! Well I mean I know it’s normal for ME. But when have I been known to be “normal” compared to most, especially when it comes to the things my body likes to surprise me with. Maybe I have a teeny, tiny lil’ bladder? Or maybe it’s just weak?

But…but, do you think I should be concerned about it? Like definitely-go-see-a-doctor-that-shit-ain’t-right kind of concerned? Or maybe just mention it next time I see a doctor? Or perhaps it’s really nothing to worry about at all. *shrug*

Yeah, I think I’m gonna go with the last one. I’ll just chalk it up to my body being fucking weird as always and as long as I’m not keeping a bucket next to my desk or pissing my pants, I won’t give it much more thought.

But man is it exhausting staying hydrated!! And oh, the amount of toilet paper being used daily. My poor septic system.


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