Our own little worlds

Life doesn’t pick and choose individually the people it wants to fuck over. Life. Just. Happens. There is no personal vendetta against you by the universe. You are too insignificant. You control what you can, and you deal with the consequences of what you cannot. When you feel like the whole world is against you, you need to understand, the whole world doesn’t give a shit about you, doesn’t even know you, and certainly doesn’t care whether you live or die.

How is that supposed to make you feel better about life? Well…perhaps it won’t. But if you’re already in the head space of all of life turned against you, can it make you feel any worse?

For me, personally, I am humbled knowing I am not singled out. I know I am unique, in a sense, yes, and I can appreciate that as truth. But I also know that I am not unique and I am not alone when it comes to happiness, and success, and accomplishments. Just as I know I’m not alone when it comes to heartbreak, failures, regret, and grief. I know it’s not “just me.”

I know the universe has nothing special planned for me or against me. It just is. It just exists. And for a very, very short time, so do I. So I will not spend that time lamenting over anything that is beyond my control. Not for too long, anyway.

Because the whole world doesn’t care about me.

But my children do. My parents do. My friends do. There are some people I don’t even know and they care about me as well. But the whole world? The universe?? Nah, not even close.

So when life starts getting too much for me to handle, I remind myself of my insignificance to the *whole* world, and I focus on my own little world around me. Because that’s the one that wants me to succeed. That’s the world that will celebrate with me while I’m here and will grieve for me when I’m gone. That’s the world that I try to make better. That’s the one where I can make an impact; big or little, negative or positive. It’s the one where I am actually valued, and loved, and nurtured, and I know that *I* had something to do with it. It’s the world where I can control whom I invite to live in it with me, or exile them to live out their days in someone else’s.

I consider myself fortunate to have such great people inhabiting my world, as I do theirs. And if ever my space seems to start shrinking and feeling lonely, I have a choice: I either embrace it as my new home, my new world, or I start inviting others to visit, perhaps to stay, and I will do the same in theirs.

Don’t convince yourself the actual universe is against you. That’s too overwhelming for even the strongest person. Remind yourself instead of your worth in your own environment, and if you feel you have little to none, change THAT world around you first. And that will become your universe.

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