Our own little worlds

Life doesn’t pick and choose individually the people it wants to fuck over. Life. Just. Happens. There is no personal vendetta against you by the universe. You are too insignificant. You control what you can, and you deal with the consequences of what you cannot. When you feel like the whole world is against you, […]

Tangled Christmas Lights

I’ve been wanting to write; the need is there, but the content has been hiding. Actually, that’s not true, as my mind is a never-ending swirl of thoughts competing for space at the forefront. The problem isn’t a lack of subjects I want to write about about. Instead it’s an overwhelming abundance of them that […]

The Purpose of Emotions

“Why are you even here?!” I asked Doubt, angrily. “What have you ever done for me besides make me hate myself?” “I made you strive for Confidence,” Doubt replied. “And you, Anger, what about you? What have YOU ever done for me besides steal precious time?” Anger replied, truthfully, “I made you appreciate Peace.” I […]

When Storms Collide

It’s almost 4 a.m. This is not a time I’m usually awake, as of late, but I woke up from a dream I can’t remember and I haven’t been able to fall back to sleep. The house is quiet and still, but I’m not searching for you this morning. I haven’t been for days. I […]

Life Is Just Better With You

Yesterday, after many, many months (close to a year, honestly), I spent several hours with one of my best friends. I cannot adequately express how much I appreciated and enjoyed that time with her. I’ve missed her so, so much and have a lot of sadness and regret over the time lost with her. It […]

Leave a mark

Do not leave this plane without leaving a mark. Do not let this life pass you by without hearing from someone that you have inspired them in some way. Do not be content to remain unseen, unfelt, unheard. Dylan Thomas wrote “Do not go gentle into that good night.” Make that your life’s motto. “Rage, […]


So I just finished reading this book, Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s essentially about snap judgments and how sometimes making a decision with LESS information is actually better. Overthinking is sometimes a hindrance. There are many examples of studies and experiments in the book and it is truly fascinating. At the end, the author talks […]

Why I Turned Coug

It was after my divorce that I found myself interested in dating younger men. I think initially I was just searching for anyone that was unlike my ex-husband. Even though he was only three years my senior, in many ways he acted much older. Though, to be fair, there were plenty of instances he acted […]

Sunset, sunrise

There’s something about the sun setting that kicks the recollection/memory and/or questioning/analyzing parts of my brain into high gear. “I just want to go to bed without any bullshit, can we please not do this” I beg. I can feel it laughing at me because it knows that I know. We’re doing this. Even if […]