Well aren’t you special?

I get it. Everyone wants to be unique, everyone wants to feel special, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd in some way. No one wants to be labeled a “sheep”, no one wants to be considered ordinary. I do understand this. What I don’t understand is the aversion to things that are popular […]


A total stranger may see me and they may not think anything about me at all, or they may think any number of things about me. Perhaps they think “She could use a lot of work, she’s nowhere near where she needs to be or could be.” And they would be right about that. But […]

Fucking Eeyore

God, remember like a month ago when I was happy, and funny, and cute and not fucking Eeyore?! (My brain insists I clarify that I am NOT having sex with Eeyore; I mean I am *acting* like Eeyore.) Just be patient (I say this to myself as well as the others around me), I will […]

Keep fucking going

The pain stalks me in my sleep. You think sleep will be an escape, but instead what you’re trying to get away from is just waiting for you to fall into a place where you can’t run. “You’re going to feel this whether you’re ready or not, whether you like this or don’t, this is […]

So I did.

The air outside is so still, and relatively quiet, for once. “You have to write” it tells me. “But I can’t,” I actually say out loud. “I can’t think of anything to write.” “So write that” it responds.

Stir Constantly Until Done

Why do the good memories come with ease, and with tremendous pain? It’s a beautiful sunrise and I think of how on one of our many, many walks with the dogs I tapped him on his shoulder and told him to turn around and look at it, and he did, and we were awed by […]

Letters to him: #1

(Preface: I have no intention of making my blog completely about my pain or anger. But I’m still healing and writing helps me, so I know this won’t be the last of the words I wish I could say to him, but it will NOT be the overall theme of my life and my blog.) […]

Right now, it doesn’t matter

Yesterday, after almost nine months of being together, I broke up with my boyfriend. It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t a very long relationship. It doesn’t matter that he was 13 years younger than me. It doesn’t matter that we were so vastly different from each other in so many ways. It doesn’t matter that […]

I just want y’all to know…

I really want everyone to know that I have no idea what I’m doing yet. My name and “tech savvy” appear nowhere together except with a big ol’ “NOT” in between. So be patient with me as I figure all this fun stuff out. I’ve read and watched tutorials and still can’t figure out what […]